Brief introduction

I just came back from Singapore! So, there’s another one week stay in Kuala Lumpur but I already miss Japan very much! Those clean washrooms, friendly and helpful people, Kansai jokes and of course all my friends from Doshisha Uni! (:

Alright, let’s talk about the blog. Well, I started blogging is to practice how to organize my thoughts and putting it into words. Especially my feelings too. Perhaps, putting our thoughts into words and translating them from vague sensations and feelings into clearly organised language help me to understand and absorb the events.

There’s actually another reason too. I’m turning sophomore in less than a month. I realized It’s waste if i do not record down those precious moments during study aboard in Japan. It’s quite difficult to blog everything because it takes some time. Therefore, maybe once a week but I’ll try to post frequently. hehe. some blogs like camps with friends, vacation, great foods and many more. somehow this blog is like my diary?

I decided to write in both, Japanese and English. Hope all my friends would enjoy reading my blog!

Posting my 2nd blog post soon! See you!

Stay happy!